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White Phalaenopsis Orchid
Price: $90.00
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Item #: TF141-1 -

This lovely white orchid, also called the Moth Orchid, blooms up to two full months. Makes any occasion all the lovelier. One white phalaenopsis orchid arrives in a ceramic planter with bark chips.

Xanadu Philodendron
Price: $110.00
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Item #: TF134-1 -

Philodendrons are popular, tolerant and durable houseplants. This variety, with its distinctive leaves offers a lot of joy without a lot of worries. One Xanadu philodendron plant is delivered in a decorative jardiniere.

Yellow Miniature Roses
Price: $35.00
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Item #: TF132-1 -

These miniature yellow roses make a wonderful gift. Cheerful, bright and bold, that special someone will think great big thoughts of you. Two miniature yellow rose plants are delivered in an oval wicker basket.

Yellow Oncidium Orchid
Price: $65.00
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Item #: TF140-2 -

This fast-growing orchid with its branching sprays of yellow flowers brightens up a business like nobody��_s business (Home, too!) One yellow oncidium orchid arrives in a terra-cotta pot with saucer.

Traditional European Garden Basket
Price: $60.00
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Item #: TF127-1 -

This lovely basket with bright fucshia African violets and kalanchoes and white daisy chrysanthemums, is a passport to joy for that someone special. African violet, gerbera, ivy and kalanchoe plants arrive in a round wicker basket.